One of Latvia's most remarkable museums. Portrayed by more than a hundred unique vehicles and modern exposition. The museum was founded in 1989, fully refurbished in 2016. Motor Museum is located in Riga, only 15 min. drive from old town.

Riga Motor Museum, located a few kilometers from Riga city center, houses the largest and most diverse collection of antique vehicles in the Baltic states and offers a truly interactive, fun and educating journey into the world of motors. The museum is considered as one of the most remarkable and most modern museums in Latvia, and a must see tourism attraction when visiting Riga.

Riga Motor Museum roots lay in the Antique Automobile Club of Latvia traditions, member enthusiasm and passion towards antique vehicles as an aesthetic value and part of cultural heritage. Through passion and dedication for these antique vehicles Riga Motor Museum was founded in 1989.

After a major reconstruction that began in 2013 and ended in 2016, the museum has gained modern exposition space, a comfortable and enjoyable environment, as well as accessibility for all visitors.

The museum showcases more than a hundred unique antique vehicles and the collection is regularly enriched with several significant acquisitions.

The new museum's exposition tells fascinating stories about unique vehicles, renowned individuals and important milestones that helped to shape world’s automotive history.

Visitors shall explore the story using modern and diverse multimedia and design features, as well as participating in several interactivities.

Historic vehicles displayed in a modern way make a visit to Riga Motor Museum an exciting, unique and truly explorative experience.

Riga Motor Museum is one of the few car museums that can be proud for its professional restoration workshop. Technical skills, knowledge, experience and without doubt also passion towards antique vehicles is the basis of our restoration workshop. The Riga Motor Museum has carried out about 30 restoration projects – many of them for foreign museums.

The museum not only acquires, conserves, researches, restores and promotes antique vehicles; it’s also a creative place for learning and education. Here every visitor, especially children and youth, can learn the rules of road traffic safety, development of the automotive history and sciences.

To ensure a diverse and dynamic work the museum has a separate exhibition hall and a modern conference hall for different kind of venues. For the comfort and enjoyment of our visitors we offer a museum café and outdoor and indoor kids play area.