Riga Motor Museum is one of the few car museums that can be proud for its professional restoration workshop. Technical skills, knowledge, experience and without doubt also the passion towards antique vehicles is the basis of our restoration workshop.

The restoration workshop began working in 1987 that’s two years before the museum was even established. From 1991 till 1995 it worked under the name “Tehno Rīga” Ltd. From the very first day the restoration workshop is headed by Mr. Gunārs Dortāns, head of Riga Motor Museum restoration workshop.

A professional vehicle restoration is a long and challenging process that can last for several years. It often happens that the process is interrupted due to lack of specific information regarding the vehicle, spare parts or funding. The restoration process implies not only the renewal of a vehicle, but also a significant and extensive research work.

Different types of vehicles fall into the hands of our restorers. There are vehicles that need a full restoration as well as vehicles that need slight repair works or replacement of missing or inadequate details or elements.  The really difficult part is finding the missing parts. Sometimes a restorer has to possess impressive detective’s skills in order to restore a vehicle.

The Riga Motor Museum has carried out about 30 restoration projects – many of them for foreign museums.